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Established since 1994

Pulse Beat Gyms Weight loss center

Our membership covers all

  • Exercise workouts conducted by experienced, qualified instructors.
  • Aerobics, Insanity, Zumba, Salsa, Kick Boxing and Hip Hop classes.
  • Floor workouts including body warm up, waist and abdominal exercises.
  • Arms, hips and thighs shaping programmes.
  • Guided use of machines.
  • Weight training and toning.
  • Nutrition consultation.

The Importance of guided care

Our team of experienced, first aid certified trainers have been hand picked to ensure maximum professionalism backed by a sound knowledge of health and fitness.

As our customer you can rest assured that you will be in capable hands when you are working out at Pulse Beat.

Our Gyms are open
Monday to Friday from 8.45am to 8.30pm
Saturday 8.45am - 12.30
We have hourly work-out programms every morning and evening
We have many different packages to suit your needs ranging from Guests & Daily Visits to Monthly, Three Monthly & Six Monthly memberships with discount offers, for your prompt response after your inquiry.

Our popular aerobics, insanity, zumba, salsa, kick boxing, and hip pop classes done to modern music, give one hour of great fun and fitness.

New ZUMBA at Pulse Beat Gyms with ASITHA , USA qualified
Zumba expert - open to all - non members welcome
INSANITY Burn 700 calories in one hour. Exclusive to rapid weight loss seekers - open to all - non members welcome.

Join our fully equipped gym with its complete range of cardio vascular and weight training machines.




Starting New, Kids Karate at Pulse Beat Gyms

The first thing we do

The first thing we do is assess your individual needs. This includes measurement of your body weight, fat percentage and other indicators of health and fitness. At each session, we create a one hour exercise programme of focused, precision effort, geared to meet your personal goals.

What we will do for you

  • Help you reach scientifically recommended targets in the areas of weight and fat loss, or weight gain.
  • Achieve body shaping results.
  • Achieve health and fitness goals in stamina, strength and flexibility.

To show results

  • Weekly checks are taken on weight & fat percentage.
  • Body measurements
  • Following these results, our qualified instructors develop personalized monthly exercise schedules and ongoing consultation and counseling with our qualified nutritionist to enable you to reach your targets and monitor your progress in fitness, weight and fat loss.

The value of nutrition

Research indicates that after the age of twenty five, 20% of muscle mass is lost each decade and fat levels increased. But, with a proper plan of nutrition and regular exercise you can slow this process and maintain your weight, reduce your body fat and tone and shape your body. At Pulse Beat, with the help of our qualified nutritionists, we focus on advising you about healthy eating habits that can fit with your lifestyle.

New - highly recommended

Seven day nutrition plan to kick start your weight loss effectively and maintain progress until targets are reached. Supervised by our nutritionists.

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